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Myanmar Tour Package

MYANMAR, Let the Holiday Begins!

We welcome you to discover Myanmar as an insider where hospitality comes as second nature.

• Myanmar is a paradise to discover, a destination for discerning travellers to explore and experience the mystical charms of the East in all its diversity - rich archaeological sites, glittering pagodas, a wealth of cultures, colourful festivals and arts.

• Myanmar is also blessed with an awe-inspiring range of natural sights - idyllic land- scape, lush fertile plains, vast virgin jungles, majestic snowcapped mountains, pristine beaches washed by crystal clear waters, fragrant pine trees and sunflowers bathed in abundant sunshine. But most of all, perfectly complemented by a most gracious and hospitable people.

• You will certainly enjoy Myanmar...Look back in awe, knowing that you must surely return!

• You want to travel to Myanmar but worry about visa? No worries! As currently, tourists from 67 countries are able to apply E-visa through the official website of Ministry of Immigration. You can visit this link for more!

• E-visa is available for entry through Yangon, Mandalay and Naypidaw airports. More details can be read at the official website link given above!

• Find the best travel deals on Myanmar holiday packages and book your tour only with JETABOUT HOLIDAYS! • Whether for a short break at capital Yangon or want to cover the most other famous Myanmar destinations, we will provide you the best services!