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Bhutan Tour Packages

Did you know Bhutan is known as a Buddhist hamlet?
This country is incomparably considered one of the best places to visit for its landscape, uniqueness of spicy food, ancient temples and vibrant festivals.
This is dazzling tour destination is where you'll also find ancient eastern cultures coexist with a western democratic way of life. Favourable among Singaporeans, you will find no other country like Bhutan, the wonderful tiny nation-state that extends warmest hospitality all day long and talks of happiness

Come along and experience the Land of the Thunder Dragon on a private tour. These packages under promotions that are all inclusive including flights to Bhutan from Singapore. Choose which free & easy travel styles is the most appealing to you.

You may find bhutan package price or simply speak to our friendly consultants at 6734 1818 today to customize itinerary according to your choices

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